Marriages by a Judge

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Please refer to Current Procedures Effective December 20, 2022 

What to Bring

Valid Marriage License

Please contact the Lake County Clerk’s Office at (847) 377-2400. They are located at 18 North County Street, Waukegan, Room 101,  or visit their Marriage License Information webpage for more information and requirements on obtaining a marriage license.

Waiting Period

By state law, there is a one day waiting period from when you obtain your marriage license to when your license is valid. For example, this means that a license obtained on a Thursday is not valid until the following day, Friday. In extraordinary circumstances, this waiting period can be waived. Contact the Circuit Court Clerk's Office for more information.


The fee to apply for a marriage license is $35. Payment may be made in cash or by check/money order payable to the Lake County Clerk. Certified copies of the completed Marriage License may be ordered and prepayment made at the time of application. The first certified copy is $10 and additional copies are $4 each.

The fees are subject to change without notice, please review the Lake County Clerk’s Office Records Request Page for current fees and updates.

If you would like a judge to perform the marriage, go to the Lake County Circuit Court Clerk's Office where you will pay a marriage fee of $10 in cash only. The Lake County Circuit Court Clerk's office is located at 18 North County Street, Waukegan, in the lower level of the Annex Building.

NOTE: The Lake County Clerk and Lake County Circuit Clerk are  different offices.


By state law, no witnesses are needed, but you may invite small groups of guests.


No rings are required.