Awards of Arbitrators

The arbitration panel will make an award promptly upon termination of the hearing. The award shall dispose of all claims for relief. The award on each claim may not exceed the sum of $50,000, exclusive of interest, costs, and attorney's fees. The award will be signed by the arbitrators or a majority of them. A dissenting vote may be noted.

Rejection of Award
The Award of Arbitrators is not binding; a party has 30 days from the date the award is filed to reject an award. Upon payment to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the sum of $200 for awards of $30,000 or less or $500 for awards greater than $30,000, any party who was present at the arbitration hearing, either in person or by counsel, may file with the Clerk a written notice of rejection of the award and request to proceed to trial, together with a certificate of service of such notice on all other parties. The filing of a single rejection shall be sufficient to enable all parties to proceed to trial on all issues of the case.

Notice of Award
The award is filed immediately with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, who shall serve notice of the award, and the entry of the same on the record, to all parties. The parties of record will receive the Notice of Award and a copy of the Award of Arbitrators in the mail. The Notice will contain the next court date. All parties must appear on the date set in the Notice of Award. If the award has not been rejected, any party may move the court to enter judgment on the award; if the award is rejected, all parties must appear on the date set in the Notice as the Court set the case for trial.