Jury Commission

Selection Process
The Jury Commission supports the court system by determining anticipated juror needs and summoning residents in sufficient quantities, ensuring that jurors are available when needed. The term of service for jurors in is 1 week, however a call-in system is used to minimize the number of days jurors are actually required to report to the court complex. The Jury Commission maintains close communication with courtroom personnel to determine the daily need for jurors.

The Jury Commission assists summoned individuals by responding to requests and inquiries prior to, during, and after their jury service. Additionally, the Commission reviews all requests to be disqualified, excused, or deferred, to an alternate summons date. All requests are reviewed individually. Final decisions are based on very specific criteria and documentation requirements.

Reporting for Service
Once individuals report for service, they are provided with an orientation regarding what to expect during their term of service. The Jury Assembly Room is a spacious room with a number of amenities intended to make jury service comfortable and convenient. Examples include a vending canteen, computers and WiFi access, reading materials, games, and lockers. The Jury Commission strives to make jurors’ experience with the court both positive and enlightening.

Annually, over the past five years, an average of 8,000 residents complete jury service. Of those, 2,500 are selected as trial jurors for the average 210 jury trials. Sixty seven percent of those were criminal trials, the remainder were civil trials. The average trial length is 2.5 days.

For More Information
For more information, please visit the Juror Information page.