Center for Self-Representation

Centro Para La Auto-Representación


Mandatory E-Filing for all Civil Cases 

Beginning January 1, 2018, all civil cases will be required to be e-filed in Lake County, Illinois, pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Order M.R. 18368. More information about Lake County's E-Filing program, including updates, can be found on the Lake County Circuit Clerk's E-Filing page.


The Center for Self-Representation offers information and resources, with a special focus on people representing themselves in court (self-represented litigants). We are located in the William D. Block Memorial Law Library. Services include:
  • Procedural Information - such as local and state court rules and laws on civil and criminal court procedures.
  • Legal Assistance - staff can answer basic questions about court forms. 
  • Forms and Instructions - specifically written for those who choose to represent themselves in their own court matters.  
  • Community Resources - including information on agencies that provide legal advice and lawyer referrals as well as social service agencies.
This site does not provide legal advice.

Topics Available