Remote Court Hearings (Zoom)

To facilitate court activities, the judges of the 19th Judicial Circuit Court may host court proceedings in a Virtual Courtroom via Zoom videoconferencing platform. Attorneys and litigants that received a notice or specific directions from the judge to attend a court hearing remotely can participate remotely. If you are directed to appear "in-person" then you must appear "in-person" at the Courthouse. 
To participate remotely as an attorney or litigant in the case, please click on the “Schedule” link in the appropriate courtroom to access the remote hearing information for the court session. You will then be directed to another page displaying the available remote court sessions for that courtroom, date, and time. 
For attending these Zoom hearings, Please make sure to follow Zoom Instruction Sheet and Protocol {Español}
Courtrooms are open for public viewing.

View Daily Court Calls by Name or by Courtroom

Branch Courts

Room Daily Remote
Court Sessions
Mundelein Schedule
North Branch (RLB) Schedule
Park City A Schedule

Main Courthouse

Room Daily Remote 
Court Sessions
C-101 Schedule
C-102 Schedule
C-103 Schedule
C-105 Schedule
C-107 Schedule
C-201 Schedule
C-202 Schedule
C-204 Schedule
C-205 Schedule
C-206 Schedule
C-207 Schedule
C-301 Schedule
C-302 Schedule
C-303 Schedule
C-304 Schedule
C-305 Schedule
C-306 Schedule
C-307 Schedule
C-401 Schedule
C-402 Schedule
C-403 Schedule
C-404 Schedule
C-405 Schedule
C-407                   Schedule

Court Tower

Room Daily Remote
Court Sessions
T-020 (First Appearance Court) Schedule
T-110 Schedule
T-120 Schedule
T-121 (Detention Hearings) Schedule
T-510 Schedule
T-511 Schedule
T-512 Schedule
T-610 Schedule
T-611 Schedule
T-612 Schedule
T-710 Schedule
T-711 Schedule
T-712 Schedule
T-810 Schedule
T-812                     Schedule


Room Daily Remote
Court Sessions
C-1                         Schedule
C-2 Schedule