Court Disability Coordinator (CDC)

The Circuit Court has determined that Elizabeth Bogie shall serve as the Court Disability Coordinator (CDC). The CDC shall be responsible for implementing this policy, processing all of the forms referenced herein, and maintaining all confidential records concerning Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues. Contact information is as follows:


The CDC shall be responsible for overseeing all training efforts related to this policy and procedure document. The Circuit Court is committed to educating all of its employees about the ADA and their responsibilities to ensure that individuals have equal access to programs regardless of disability.

All new employees receive a Disability Etiquette handbook that provides information and helpful tips on how to interact with persons with various disabilities. In addition, all employees are required to attend mandatory training on the ADA on a periodic basis. Training sessions typically cover the definitions and requirements of the law and discuss common disabilities and accommodations in more detail.

Record Keeping

The CDC shall maintain all records related to compliance with the ADA. Records shall include but not be limited to this policy and procedure document, notices that accommodations are available, copies of Requests for Reasonable Accommodations and Grievance Forms.

All employees of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit are responsible for forwarding Request for Reasonable Accommodation forms to the CDC within 1 business day of receipt. All completed forms are confidential and shall be maintained in a locked file for a minimum of 7 years.