Types of Accommodations

The Administrative Office of the Circuit Court of Lake County is proactive in providing individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from all court activities, programs and services. The following are some of the services provided by the court. Please reference the contact information that is given to arrange for the accommodations listed below.

Assisted Listening Devices for Courtrooms
Each courtroom and jury room is equipped with an infrared assistive listening system. This system includes stationary infrared emitter/receiver units in each location and portable infrared receivers with a choice of stereo lightweight headphones or Telephone Coil (T-coil) neckloops for use with the individual's personal hearing aids. Contact the court officer, Jury Commission or Court Administration to checkout a device.

Building Access & Accommodations
The buildings and facilities used by the courts are fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act building and signage requirements.

Payphones Equipped With TTY Devices

There are 3 payphones equipped with TTY text telephones available to the public. One is located in the main lobby near the law library and a second is inside the Jury Commission room of the main courthouse. A third unit is located in the second floor hallway of the Babcox Center complex. Instructions on how to use the telephones are on the front of each device.

Reading Scanner for Sight Impaired

The Ambassador Pro Reading Machine is used to assist visually challenged individuals by scanning a page of text and then reading it aloud to the user. It is located in the Lake County Law Library.

Real-Time Court Reporters for Hearing Impaired
Court Reporters capable of real-time captioning are available by prior arrangement in court cases involving hearing-impaired participants. Through this technology, the court reporter's symbols are fed into the computer which are then translated into the English language and appear on the computer screen to allow the deaf or hearing-impaired person to read the testimony as it is being given in the Court proceeding. Lake County was one of the first counties in Illinois to use the real-time reporting system for a juror during a jury trial. Jurors in need of real-time captioning should follow the instructions on their juror summons. All other individuals should contact the court reporter line at 847-377-3904.

Reserved Parking for Persons with Disabilities
There are numerous reserved parking spaces located within easy access near the entrances to our facilities. Two parking places are reserved at the corner of Washington Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue (Formally Utica Street) for jurors summoned for jury duty. To use one of the parking spaces interested jurors should contact the Jury Commission at 847-377-4600.

Scooter Availability
A battery-operated scooter is available at the north entrance of the Lake County Courthouse with proper ID. To obtain the keys, see the employee located at the Information booth in the main lobby.

Sight Impaired Appliance for Public Access Research Computer
A special magnifying screen is attached to one of the Public Access Research Computers, allowing patrons to view enlarged images of the various materials that can be found on the computer for legal research.

Sign Language Interpreters
Whenever a deaf person is party to any legal proceeding, chosen as a juror, or called as a witness, the Court in all instances appoints a qualified, nationally certified interpreter of sign language to interpret the proceedings. In the case of a deaf juror, the interpreter shall be available throughout the actual trial and may accompany and communicate with such juror throughout any period during which the jury is sequestered or engaged in its deliberations.

Jurors in need of sign language services should follow the instructions on their juror summons. All other individuals should contact the court interpreter line at 847-377-3819.

VideoEye Reader for Sight Impaired

The VideoEye Reader uses a closed-circuit camera to assist users in viewing the pages of a book or magazine. The system uses the closed-circuit camera to enlarge images and show them on a television screen. The VideoEye device is mounted on a portable cart and can be moved to other parts of the Lake County courthouse as needed. Please contact the law library one day in advance of court at 847-377-2800 to make arrangements.

Wheelchair Availability
Wheelchairs are available at the north entrance of the Lake County Courthouse. Security at the entrance can direct patrons to their location.

Other Assistance

Other assistance may be arranged by contacting the Court Disability Coordinator at 18 N County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085-4359 or by email. Requests for other assistance shall be made in writing on a Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form (PDF) provided by the Circuit Court.

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