History of Kids' Korner

Early Beginnings

Kids’ Korner was founded in 1994 to address the needs of children in the courthouse. Kids’ Korner protects children from confusing, frightening and inappropriate adult business or behavior.

In addition, Kids’ Korner enables the court to conduct business in an orderly fashion. Since its inception Kids’ Korner has provided a safe haven to over 50,000 children involved in the court system.

Need for a Program

Prior to opening Kids’ Korner, children in the courthouse were often left unattended while their parents conducted court business. These children were at risk of being adversely impacted by court proceedings affecting themselves or their families. They were exposed to inappropriate behavior by adults attending court for criminal, traffic, or divorce matters. They endured unnecessary stress while waiting to testify in court proceedings. Unfortunately, they also often created a distraction to the orderly conduct of court business.

Benefits of the Program

Both parents and children attest to the success of Kids’ Korner, parents through their positive comments and children through their joyful play. While at Kids’ Korner, children are made to feel safe and secure. They receive sustained and encouraging adult contact and guidance from trained staff and volunteer caregivers at a stressful time in their young lives. Kids’ Korner is a very special way that the Lake County Courthouse shows its concern for children and families.