Kids' Korner Children Waiting Area

Main Courthouse - Waukegan

The purpose of Kids’ Korner is to provide a safe and enjoyable waiting area for children who are in the Lake County Courthouse to testify in court or whose parents or guardians are conducting court business.

  • This facility serves children ages 2 - 12.
  • It is a free service. 
  • Space is limited and admittance is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Our registration process is secure and efficient.

Kids' Korner is a great place to volunteer in Lake County!

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Lake County or Waukegan? Volunteers are needed to serve as caregivers in Kids' Korner.  All volunteers undergo training before they are assigned to work a shift as a caregiver. Shifts are filled based on need Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. or 1:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering you can view our flyer here. Please call Kids' Korner for more information at 847-377-3825.

*Volunteers may not have a criminal or custody case before the courts, may not be referred by the courts for community service, and may not be involved in a work release program.

Kids' Korner Main Courthouse

Kids' Korner Main Play Area
Kids' Korner Kitchen Play Area
KK Racetrack Toy
Kids' Korner Magnet Toy
Kids' Korner Table and Puzzles
Kids' Korner Books
Kids' Korner Blankets

Children enjoy themselves in Kids’ Korner and feel safe during their stay. They receive sustained adult contact and guidance with trained staff and volunteers at a stressful time in their young lives. 

  • Books and handmade blankets for each child to take home from Kids’ Korner are provided through donations from community organizations and individuals.
  • During the holiday season, each child visiting Kids’ Korner chooses a new stuffed animal to take home as part of the "Give-An-Animal-A-Home" project. New stuffed animals are also provided through donations from community organizations and individuals.

Juvenile Justice Complex - Vernon Hills

The Robert W. Depke Juvenile Justice Complex/Minard E. Hulse Juvenile Detention Center features a lobby complete with unsupervised children’s play area. The play area includes three wall-mounted play boards, two stationary play cubes, four beanbag chairs, and a brightly colored children's carpet. A welcoming handmade quilt hangs on the wall.

In addition, books appropriate for all ages are available in the play area for children to read. Parents are also encouraged to help a child to choose a book to take home.


Kids' Korner area at Robert W Depke Juvenile Justice Center