National Library Week

 National Library Week 2022: Connect with Your Library

National Library Week is a weeklong observance of the value and contribution of libraries in their communities. It has been celebrated by the American Library Association and libraries across the country every year since 1958. This year, National Library Week is April 3-9. 

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We are excited with a renewed vigor in our mission as the public law library for its citizens, legal profession, and the judiciary.  Every day we are providing more services since the Coronavirus pandemic began and reimagining how those services are delivered. The Law Library is an indispensable and vital resource, empowered by Illinois Statute 55 ILCS 5/5-39001.

We are grateful for the recognition the 19th Circuit and Lake County Government has shown the Law Library. We look forward to enhancing the vision that respects the traditional and innovative components of a futuristic library space.

For tours of the Law Library, call 847-377-2800

Questions and Answers Is What We Do!

This year’s national theme is "Connect with Your Library,” and the William D. Block Memorial Law Library is eager to make you feel welcome by encouraging you to ask questions and get answers. After all, isn’t that what the Law Library is for?

During this week we are pleased to feature questions and answers that the Law Library handles.  These questions and answers showcase the diversity of our patron base, as well as resource capacity. Our success is due to our professional staff, whose experience and knowledge allow us to enjoy the high regard of our patrons. It is an honor and pleasure to serve all who visit


Q: I feel my rights to a fast trial were violated. What can I do? 
A: The WDBMLL maintains practice guides such as: 
  • Defending Criminal Cases: Pretrial Issues, Guilty Pleas, and Defenses 2021 Edition. MOTION FOR DISMISSAL AND DISCHARGE (IICLE Online). 
  • Illinois Criminal Defense Motions by Richard Kling for various speedy trial violation motions. 
Q: I am looking for an old law review article that is not available online, and I don't have privileges at a university library. 
A: The WDBMLL maintains law reviews for selected years not available online. 

Q: I have a court hearing, but I don't know if it is in person or remote. What can I do? 
A: The WDBMLL has up to 16 Zoom stations. You are welcome to come in to Zoom into court from the law library. If the Judge wishes to see you in person or obtain documents from you, then you are already at the courthouse and it can be arranged quickly. 

Q: I need to print courtesy copies to give to a judge before my court date, but they are on my phone. How can I do this?
A: The WDBMLL can help you print the courtesy copies at a cost of 10 cents per page. 

Q: I am interested in the governmental requirements for starting a business. Can you email me any information? 
A: Can't come in person? No problem! The WDBMLL can email you information in response to your request. 

Q: I need to check if my case law is still good law. How can I do this? 
A: The WDMBLL has a subscription to Westlaw Patron Access. Just put in your case cite and when it pops up, click on the "Negative Treatment, History, and Citing Reference" tabs.