Internship Program

Thank you for considering our Agency's Internship Program as a place in which you would like to learn more about the realities of the justice system.
Puzzle displaying the names of each component of the Internship Program
Enclosed are a variety of materials, which describe who we are and how we function as an agency. You will find a description of the Internship experiences available and our criteria for accepting students into our Internship Program. We are searching for invested students to experience a quality internship within the justice system.

If you are interested in an internship with our agency, please return the internship application forms and prioritize your areas of primary interest. We will try to balance your primary interest request with our agency's staffing needs and supervision availability in determining internship assignments. Upon return of your completed internship application form, we will be in contact with you.

If you decide not to consider our agency as your place of internship, we appreciate your marking Not Interested on the application form and returning it to us in the enclosed envelope. This is so the openings available can be allocated to others on the waiting list.


The purpose of a quality internship is to provide a practical learning experience within the justice system, which benefit both the student, school and our agency. Additionally, it allows the intern to complete the internship requirements for his/her college degree.

The purpose of probation services, within the criminal justice system, is the enforcement of Court orders, holding probationers responsible and accountable for their actions, offering them the choice to change or improve their behavior through the use of supervision, internal programs and community resources while being responsive to the community.

In addition to providing services to the Court, community and probationer, the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit also feels a responsibility to contribute to the development and training of future professionals for the Criminal Justice System and other related social service fields through our Internship Program.

You are required to commit to a full semester scheduled to 40 hours per week. This is an unpaid position.

Intern Benefits

Our responsibility is to provide an environment in which a student intern will, after appropriate orientation and training, be able to:
  • Understand the difference between various management and service delivery styles
  • Define their own style while learning new skills and examining their current skills
  • Examine and apply academic theory in a realistic setting
  • Understand the function and structure of a Criminal Justice System component and its relationship to other parts of the system
  • Facilitate professional growth and development by interaction with supervisory staff, probationers and the community
  • Earn professional behavior and manners from experienced officers
Court Benefits
Similarly, the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit will benefit from a quality internship program by:
  • Having motivated and capable students assist with the delivery of casework services
  • Having assistance on special projects beneficial to the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
  • Sharing of educational knowledge and thereby enhancing Nineteenth Judicial Circuit philosophical and knowledge base
  • Having continual interaction with new persons and ideas
Supervision in the Internship Program will be provided by experienced, professional staff who are committed to their work and to the development and education of future professionals.

Internship Job Descriptions

To apply, please fill out an Internship Application Form (PDF) and mail your completed form to:
Internship Committee
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
215 West Water Street
Waukegan, IL 60085
Phone: 847-377-4506