RYSE Program

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Redeploy Youth Supported by Evidence-Based Practices (RYSE)

Program Overview:

With grant funding from Redeploy Illinois, and a dedicated team of Juvenile Probation Officers, the 19th Judicial Circuit of Illinois developed the RYSE Program. Redeploy Illinois "Seeks to decrease youth incarceration in the Department of Juvenile Justice through evidence-based community programs that maintain public safety and promote positive outcomes for youth."

Utilizing the Function Family Probation case management model, this program focuses on the youth and family to provide services based on their needs, risk level, and current involvement in other services. The program seeks to assist youth and their families in implementing skills gained through counseling, developed connections through community resources, and their assigned probation officer.

Treatment Plan:

Each minor and family will work with the assigned therapist through the Lake County Health Department or the CYN Counseling Center along with the Probation Officer to develop an individual/family treatment plan. The Probation Officers will also be trained in Functional Family Probation (FFP) and the therapists will be trained in Functional Family Therapy (FFT).

The treatment plan will focus on the minor's strengths and needs to accomplish program objectives clearly stated goals/objectives along with timeframes and define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the case plan. 

Participants will take part in intensive in-home therapy up to two times a week in addition to meeting with a probation officer. 

Program Goals:

· Reduce risk of re-offending by creating community connections and strengthening families

· School attachment

· Supervision contact based on risk assessments

· Provide youth and families with evidence-based services through a program assigned licensed therapist

· Personal development and life skills

· Reduce commitments to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice