Victim Assistance

The Victim Assistance and Restitution Program (VARP) works with victims of delinquency that are involved in the formal court process. VARP officers establish a process whereby offenders will be held accountable for their behaviors, as well as make amends directly to the community and the individuals they violate.

Service Provided

VARP officers provide the following services to victims:
  • Determine, with information from the victim, a fair dollar value of the victim’s out-of-pocket loss for tangible losses (stolen or damaged property, medical treatment, etc.) and recommend restitution orders to the juvenile court
  • Make referrals to resources/agencies that can effectively respond to victim issues
  • Refer victims of violent crime to the Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Fund via the Attorney General’s Office
  • Monitor payment of restitution by juvenile offenders and their parents
  • Refer victims to the State’s Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Counselor for an explanation of procedures of the juvenile justice system and questions regarding the process
  • Conduct victim-offender meetings for the purpose of in-person apologies
  • Facilitate victim panels

Victim Forms: 

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Victim Form Loss
Victim Help and Input Questionnaire

Forma de Pérdidas de la Víctima
Cuestionario de Ayuda y Aporte Para Victimas