Home Detention

About the Program
Home detention officers provide daily supervision for minors in their own homes as an alternative to Secure Detention. It is believed that under the supervision of Home Detention the minor would not commit a new offense. In order to insure that the minor placed on Home Detention will remain delinquent-free and will appear for all scheduled court hearings, it is necessary to require the minor to remain under adult supervision at all times, unless otherwise approved by the Supervisor or the Court.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Home Detention staff is responsible for the supervision of the minor while he/she is in the community. From the time the minor is placed on Home Detention, the following are some of the duties performed by staff that is essential to the maintenance and progress of the Home Detention program.
  • Provide an orientation of the program to the minor and the youth’s family, clearly defining his/her role and the family’s role.
  • Staff is available to minor on a 24-hour basis.
  • Provide and participate in recreational and other activities with the minor that will provide alternatives to delinquency.
  • Maintain contact and coordinate services with various community agencies and persons involved with the minor such as school officials, probation officers, and parents.
  • Participate in case staffing, reviewing status of the minor or assisting in the development of plans.
  • Submit accurate reports, both written and verbal, to the court, entailing progress and/or problematic issues of the minor.