Mission Statement

Supportive Statement
The Division of Judicial Information and Technology supports the mission of the Court by providing technology-based systems, solutions, and support services throughout the Court organization in a manner that improves public access to the justice system, enhances the timeliness and responsiveness of basic court functions, and expedites communication and information-sharing throughout the justice system.

  • To provide technological support of multimedia, computer, communications, and web-based systems for the Court in order to improve public access to the justice system and enhance the delivery of programs and services throughout the Court organization.
  • To provide planning, training, and other support activities to the judges and Court employees in order to improve the utilization of existing technology services and to facilitate the integration of technological advancements throughout all applicable aspects of the Court organization.
  • To manage secure, reliable and effective information and communication systems that are consistent with the standards established by the Court for judges, court employees and consumers in order to sustain and advance the judicial, administrative, and operational functions of the Court organization.
  • To provide leadership and facilitate collaboration among internal and external justice system partners in order to better integrate technology systems; improve communication, data, and information sharing capabilities; and enhance the delivery of services to the public within the justice system.