Programs & Services

Administration and User Support Services

This area of user support services are responsible for all help desk calls routed through the JIS help desk phone calls or through a JIS Help desk support e-mail. Users supported are diverse both internal and external customers, in courtroom users, outside courtroom and other court facilities.  This area processes work orders and workflows for customer support and project development. Support Services maintains inventories of software, hardware, user login credentials, and monitors equipment requests and maintenance. In addition, this area collaborates with the project development team to maintain and help users with help guides and documentation.

Application Support, Research, Development & Testing

This area does research, testing, installation and maintenance of new applications within the court’s network and end users. This area works closely with project development and program support to evaluate the needs of the court users and determines best applications for such needs. Application development is one of the key components of this area of services to support the requirements of the organization. Within applications, this area includes the networking infrastructure and components that handle and maintain physical and virtualized servers, data storage, backups for disaster recovery and security of the system. In addition, technical documentations and user support instructions are part of the support management of every system.

Hardware Support & AV Support

This area maintains all hardware technology related systems such as desktops, servers, printers, audio and visual equipment, other multimedia devices, smart phones, tablets, mobile devices, cell phones, etc. This area supports all courtrooms for any technology requirements and training on how to use the technology. It maintains hardware inventories of all equipment for user checkout. It also supports the maintenance of workstation; images devices for deployment, network systems (both hard wired and wireless services), servers and daily backups to ensure timely restoration of services and data. This includes mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile or portable devices. The services in this area include instruction on how to use the various equipment and assistance to all users. It maintains logistics of hardware locations and types of devices used on or off the network. Included in this area of support is the wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructure that services internal users and the public.  In addition, this area conducts research and development for new hardware technology when necessary and applicable.

Project Development and Coordination Program Support

For new and existing application requests, this area designs, develops and deploys web-based resources and application for internal use and for public access. The support and services of this area ensure that it meets the requirements of the business processes and promote the efficiency of the system. These areas not only support the Court’s projects but also get involve in enterprise wide County technology projects. This supports the maintenance of public facing website and the internal portal for internal user access. It manages and directs vendor resources for integration into workflows and business processes.