Reading Club

About the Program
In the summer of 2006, Oprah’s Angel Network awarded a grant to The Vernon Area Public Library. This grant fostered a new partnership with the 19th Judicial Circuit’s FACE-IT Residential Program and as a result, incorporating FACE-IT as members of the Great Stories Club. Minors in residential placement are provided with their own copy of the novel assigned and engage in reading in the classroom on a daily basis. Library discussions lead by librarians from the Vernon Area Public Library are held after reading a book . These open book intellectual discussions served as a catalyst towards literature appreciation.
Introduction to reading challenge has taught minors in residential placement, that the motivation to read can significantly contribute to their moral, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development. The librarians do an excellent job of eliciting from the minors their insight insight, appreciations, concerns, conflicts, and resolutions. The books are  given to the minors to add to their own personal libraries. In addition, audio books are provided to go along with the reading materials to assist those minors who struggle with reading. Character development and problem solving are the basis of the required readings. “Read for Life” is extended to anyone in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit who would like to experience one of these discussions.

As result of the success of “Read for Life” within the FACE-IT Residential Program, services are offered to youth in the Menard Hulse Detention Center.
Read For Life
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