Filing Orders of Protection

How to File
In order to expedite the process of obtaining an Order of Protection, download and complete the following worksheet prior to coming to the courthouse. This worksheet lists most of the information you should bring with you to help complete the Petition for an Order of Protection.

Blank Forms
These forms are PDF copies of the original forms and provided as a guide. The original forms used in court are multi-copy carbonless multi-color forms and available in Lake County's Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A Safe Place also has copies available for their clients. Forms include:
  • Affidavit of Visitation Supervisor
  • Emergency Order of Protection - Lake
  • Interim / Plenary Order of Protection - Lake
  • Notice of Order of Protection to Local Law Enforcement
  • Notice of Order of Protection to School(s) / Day Care Facilities
  • Order - Extension, Modification, and Hearing on Petition for Order of Protection
  • Order with Statutory Findings Regarding Petition for Order of Protection
  • Petition for Order of Protection - Lake
  • Return of Service - Order of Protection
  • Summons - Order of Protection
  • Uniform Order of Support - Lake (PDF)