HOPE Program

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High-Risk Offender Programming through Engagement (HOPE)

HOPE Program Mission:

To service high-risk minors in the community by providing support through engagement in best practices/ evidence-based programming and service projects.  HOPE's goal is to prevent out-of-home placement by giving minors the skills to become productive members of society and by strengthening the family unit.

Program Description:

HOPE is a six-month community-based program that provides youth and families intensive in-home services based on their individual needs, risk, and current involvement in services. At the completion of the program, youth and families will be able to implement skills learned through counseling and will have developed connections with community resources.  Throughout the program, the Probation Officer will assist the minor and family in identifying and addressing barriers to services. 

The duration of the program is determined by the needs of the minor and their level of risk. The minimal participation period is six months. However, a minor’s involvement in the program can continue if the minor’s needs and risk level indicate further intervention is necessary. 

Treatment Plan:

Each minor and family will work with the assigned therapist through the Lake County Health Department along with the Probation Officer to develop an individual/family treatment plan. 

The treatment plan will focus on the minor’s strengths and needs as well as their ability to accomplish measurable goals/objectives. The plan will indicate timeframes and define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the plan. 

Program Goals:

· Reduce risk of re-offending by creating community connections and strengthening families

· School attachment

· Intensive supervision contact

· Provide minor and families with evidence-based intensive in-home therapy through a program assigned licensed therapist

· Mandated curfew times

· Personal development and life skills

· Create pro-social peer relations

· Prevent removal from the home