Miscellaneous Suggestions

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1. The clerk will assign a number to each Small Claims case. Write down the number and refer to it in all dealings with the clerk and sheriff.

2. If you should change your address or phone number after you file your case or your Appearance, be certain to notify the clerk and
the opposing party of your new address by completing a Change of Address form. The form is available online at the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s website.

3. All Small Claims court sessions are open to the public. You may attend any of these courtroom proceedings to familiarize yourself with the procedures. The courtroom is opened at 8:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m., Monday though Friday.

4. Court reporters are not provided in Small Claims cases. If you want a transcript of your trial, you must arrange for a court reporter at your own expense.

5. If you need additional information, you may call the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk or the William D. Block Memorial Law Library and Center for Self-Representation. Remember, court staff are not allowed to give legal advice.