Misdemeanor/Traffic Division

The Misdemeanor/Traffic Division handles criminal offenses as well as traffic and ordinance violations. A misdemeanor offense is an offense for which a sentence of imprisonment in a facility other than a penitentiary for less than one year may be imposed. Fines not to exceed $2,500 or the amount specified in the offense, whichever is greater, may also be imposed. Penalties for traffic offenses and ordinance violations are generally limited to fines and, in some cases, revocation of the driver's license.

Some common examples of cases heard by this Division include petty theft, disorderly conduct, drunk driving, speeding, and illegal parking.

Types of Cases

The Misdemeanor/Traffic Division routinely hears the following types of cases:

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

Most serious charge carries a penalty of less than one-year imprisonment, limited to Class A, B or C offenses as defined in the Unified Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/5-1 et seq.)

Miscellaneous Criminal (MX)

Variety of actions for civil processes relating to criminal proceedings such as warrants. grand jury proceedings, statutory summary suspensions (when no DT case exists), probationer transfers, eavesdropping, seized property, sealing and expungement petitions (when no criminal case exists), habeas corpus and administrative subpoenas. 

Quasi-Criminal (QC)

Any offense classified as Petty of Business as defined in the Unified Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/5-1 et seq.), which is not otherwise defined as DT, MT, TR, or CV case. 

Domestic Violence (DV)

Violation of domestic battery under Section 12-3.2 of the Criminal Code (720 ILCS 5/12-3.2). 

Traffic Violation (TR)

Class P or B as defined by Supreme Court Rule 501(f)(1)(iii)

Major Traffic(MT)

Class A, B, or C as defined by Supreme Court Rule 501(f)(1)(iii), except DUI cases.

Driving Under the Influence (DT)

Charing a violation of a statue, ordinance, or regulation governing driving or operating under the influence of alcohol, other drug, or combination thereof under Section 11-501 of the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/11-501), Section 5-7 of the Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act (625 ILCS 40/5-7), and Section 5-16 of the Boat Registration and Safety Act (625 ILC 45/5-16) and not classified as a felony.

Civil Law (CL)

Civil law violations as defined in Supreme Court Rule 585.

Conservation Violation (CV)

As defined by Supreme Court Rule 501(c) .

Ordinance Violation (OV)

Violation of local ordinance is charged, other than traffic.

Order of Protection (OP)

An Order of Protection is a document issued by a court to help protect an individual from harassment or abuse. In an Order of Protection, a judge can set limits on another person's behavior and contact with the party protected by the order.