Steps in a Jury Trial

Selection of the Jury
  • Jurors called for the voir dire.
  • Jurors challenged, for cause and peremptory.
  • Challenged jurors return to the jury room and the selected jurors are sworn.
The Trial
  • The Judge may deliver remarks to the Jury. The attorneys give their opening speeches.
  • Witnesses are called for direct and cross-examination and exhibits are presented.
  • When all of the evidence has been presented, the attorneys give summing up, or closing arguments.
The Judge's Charge
The Judge instructs the jury as to what laws apply to the case and what those laws mean.

The jury goes into a private room to discuss the case and reach a decision. They may talk
to no one except the Judge if they have questions.

The Verdict
  • The jury returns to the courtroom and the foreperson announces the decision.
  • The attorneys may ask that the jury be polled.