Report of the Judiciary

Overview of the Report of the Judiciary

The Report of the Judiciary (ROJ for short) replaces our traditional Annual Reports with a ‘Living Document’ that is to be updated on a regular basis with current information and highlights instead of once per year. This Living Document will be archived on an annual basis to provide a truer snapshot of the Circuit over the previous years.

Please select the report for the year you wish to review, and thank you for your interest in our Circuit.


A Note about our Statistical Data and Researchers

The simple charts and data presented throughout our Reports of the Judiciary are provided for a year to year comparison of the subject data points. To request access for a more complete review of our data, please refer to our Research Activities Policy {PDF}.  

Excerpt from the Research Activities Policy: The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Lake County, Illinois shall support and engage in research activities, which directly effect and direct its ongoing planning activities. It is the policy of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit to identify its needs for evaluation and conduct internal research concerning court programs, services, and other activities. Research and evaluation findings are used to inform the development and/or modifications of programs.

The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit shall also encourage external research activities that are consistent with the needs and planning efforts of the court organization and conducted by qualified researchers. Academic preparation and previous research background shall serve as indicators of researcher qualifications. As available, the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit shall seek funding support from public and private sources to assist the Court to undertake approved research activities.