Change of Name

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 Change of Name Overview

Name changes are governed by state laws (735 ILCS 5/21-101 et seq). There are many reasons why people seek a name change. Some examples may include being born with an odd surname which for various reasons has caused a problem, a divorced spouse who failed to have his or her maiden name restored at the time of a divorce, or an adopted child now wants to take on the name of his or her adoptive parents. 

 Name Change by Marriage

If you change your name after your marriage, a certified copy of your marriage license will be required. Please click on the link below or contact the Lake County Clerk's office for more information. 

Lake County Clerk

18 N County Street, Room 101

Waukegan, IL 60085-4364

Phone: 847-377-2400

Fax: 847-360-3608

Visit the Marriage License page for more information.

 Name Change by Legal Proceedings

If you are going through divorce proceedings, you can request the name change on your Judgment of Dissolution 

Other Reasons

If you wish to change your name for other reasons than through marriage, adoption, or divorce proceedings, see the information on this website as well as the forms for adult and minor name changes available on the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s website.