Mission Statement

Supportive Statement
The Division of Administrative Services supports the mission of the Court by providing leadership and support in the areas of human and financial management throughout the Court organization in a manner that emphasizes the Court’s responsible use of resources, while preserving the fairness and reasonableness of costs associated with public access to the Court’s proceedings, services, and programs.

  • To procure products and services that are consistent with the standards established by the Court for judges, employees, clients, and the public in order to improve the level of operations throughout the Court organization.
  • To manage existing financial resources, and pursue opportunities for increased funding through various revenue sources, for the Court in order to enhance the delivery of services and programs throughout the Court organization.
  • To facilitate a work environment for Court employees that emphasizes fair employment decisions and reasonable management practices in order to enhance job satisfaction and improve service to the public.
  • To provide opportunities for training, development, and continuing education for judges and Court employees in order to enhance the delivery of Court programs and services, facilitate advancement and succession planning throughout the organization, and improve the Court’s level of responsiveness to new conditions and emergent events.