FACE-IT Residential Treatment

Therapeutic Programs Offered within FACE-IT

Individual and Family Therapy
FACE-IT Participants receive at least once weekly individual therapy sessions as well as weekly family therapy over the duration of their stay in the program. These services will continue into Aftercare; however, pending the specific needs of the family, the services may be provided by FACE-IT or other community-based agencies while in Aftercare. Families are also offered the opportunity to visit their son(s) twice per week for up to two hours per visit. As participants matriculate up the level system, they are also offered the opportunity to earn weekly home passes.

Parents/guardians of the residents are required to attend the 10-week Parent component of the Washington Aggression Interruption Training (W.A.I.T.) Program. During this group, they will learn Anger Replacement Training, as well as skills to complement the skills their son is learning. This group is in addition to their weekly family therapy services.

Group Therapy
FACE-IT Participants are required to attend regularly scheduled group therapy sessions. Groups include but are not limited to:
• Washington Aggression Interruption Training (W.A.I.T.)
• Seven Challenges (Substance Abuse group provided by OMNI Youth Services)
• Recovery Skills (Substance Abuse)
• Life Skills

Internship Program
Master’s level social work interns from local universities have an opportunity to complete a therapy internship, supervised by the Division of Psychological Services, within the FACE-IT Program. They will remain within the program for approximately 8 months.