Juvenile Detention

About the Unit

The Hulse Juvenile Detention Center provides temporary secure custody for youth who have been charged with a delinquent act (criminal offense) and who have been determined a high risk to re-offend or who would likely flee the jurisdiction of the court if released.  Only those who meet the strict criteria for detention are admitted.  Once admitted, youth only remain in detention for the duration of the court process, unless released sooner by the court.  When the court process is completed most youth are released to their parents on probation or to another disposition the court could order such as long term residential treatment, or the Department of Juvenile Justice (state corrections). The youths adjustment while in secure detention is often used by the court to determine if youth can adequately be supervised once returned to the community. 

During their stay in secure detention youth will maintain contact with their parent(s) or guardian by phone or on site once they receive approval to visit. This is a time for the youth and family to evaluate their situation and begin the planning for any needed adjustments or changes in their lives.  All youth attend school on site and participate in a variety of other programming offered.  Any assessments or interviews ordered by the court will be facilitated as required.