Group Reporting Program

Since its launch in 2002, General Field and DUI Group Reporting have supervised thousands of probationers. In line with Evidence Based Practices, Group Reporting separated the low and moderate risk probationers from having contact with the higher risk probationers eliminating exposure to probationers that can be negative influences. Group Reporting meets off site at the Branch Courts or at the various CLC Campus’. Group Reporting has continued to grow and change in an effort to better supervise probationers to foster a successful termination of probation. In that regard, the format has changed and probationers can report during expanded hours at the various sites. The Group Reporting foundation of providing an educational component has expanded to the Community Outreach Presentations which occur twice a month at two different sites. These Community Outreach Presentations are also open to all probationers in the Probation Department. Topics include, but not limited to: Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Expungement, Budgeting and Driver’s License Restoration. Probationers, who are compliant and who complete their conditions of probation may be eligible for early termination of probation. As of April 2014, the General Field and DUI Group Reporting currently supervise over 550 probationers.