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William D. Block Memorial Law Library
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
Lake County, Illinois

18 N County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085-4359 

Phone: (847) 377-2800
FAX:     (847) 984-5873
TDD:     (847) 360-2975

Library Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Law Library

The Law Library is named after the late William D. Block, who served as a Judge for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit from February 1, 1975 to June 27, 1996. The Lake County Law Library was renamed in honor of Judge Block on February 10, 1998.

It is the mission of the William D. Block Memorial Law Library to serve the public. It accomplishes this goal by providing an open and efficient system of access to the Library's collections and services for the judges, attorneys, and citizens of Lake County.

Library Facilities and Staff

Your 1,500 square foot law library offers a "soft seating" reading and quiet discussion area, seven large work tables, seven public computer work stations, the Center for Self Representation, a Reference Desk, a television/VCR unit for viewing video depositions, a Ambassador Pro Reading Machine, a VideoEye Image Magnifier, copier and a Microfiche Reader/Printer.

The current collection includes over 25,000 books, 7,000 microfiche documents, and 50 periodicals. Additional information resources include the Westlaw database and the statutes, regulations, and case law of all 50 states and the federal government.

Law Library Reference Desk

Reference Desk and staff
The Law Library is staffed by an experienced law librarian, a paralegal and a judicial assistant who can assist you with print and online legal resources. You may visit in person, call, or email ( them. You may also call for an appointment to ensure that the librarian is available when you make an in-person visit.

Legal Advice
The Law Librarian and staff are prohibited from offering anything that may be construed as legal advice. The Library staff will gladly direct patrons to the various legal materials found in the library and provide instruction in regard to the use of these materials, but the final decision of the usefulness or propriety of the materials lies squarely with the patron.

Who may use the library
The William D. Block Law Library is open to everyone, including the general public.

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Law Library Services

Copiers Services
The Law Library has two self-service copiers which costs $0.10 per page. The machine takes currency or coins and makes change.

Fax Services
The library provides fax service for all patrons for a reasonable fee.

  • Local Area faxes are $1.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.
  • International faxes are a $5.00 to access the service, and then $2.00 for the first sheet and $1.00 for every additional sheet after that.

The Library should be notified when a fax is being sent. To obtain the Fax number for the Library, and for additional information, please call (847) 377-2800 during the above listed hours of operation.

Computer Services
There are seven computer terminals available to the public for legal research and related uses. The terminals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. These computers provide access to Westlaw, various Internet resources, and circuit court forms. Windows-based programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Family Law software, and Westlaw are also available. Usage is free of charge but users are limited to one hour per day. Patrons may print from these computers. Printing costs $0.05 per page. Patrons can use a driver's licence or ID card to secure a key card to access the public computers from the Reference Desk.

Printer Services
Each of the public computer terminals is connected to a networked laser printer located behind the Reference Desk. Printing costs are $0.05 per page. 

Microfiche Reader/Printer Services
The law library maintains a collection of over 7,000 microfiche documents. We offer a Microfiche Reader/Printer combination for patrons use. Printing costs $0.25 per page. Patrons need to sign up for the Microfiche at the Reference Desk.

Sight and Hearing Impaired Services

Ambassador Pro Reading Machine
The Ambassador Pro Reading Machine is used to assist visually challenged individuals by scanning a page of text and then reading it aloud to the user.,

VideoEye Image Magnifier
The VideoEye Reader uses a closed-circuit camera to assist users in viewing the pages of a book or magazine. The system uses the closed-circuit camera to enlarge images and show them on a television screen. The VideoEye device is mounted on a portable cart and can be moved to other parts of the courthouse as needed.

Center for Self-Representation (CSR)
The Center is both a virtual and a physical location offering information to people who want to represent themselves in court cases in Lake County, Illinois. Information and forms are provided for numerous topic areas and available on the CSR website and in the William D. Block Law Memorial Library, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL. Paper-based Digests are available in the Law Library with text information, forms, and key cites. The Center for Self-Representation does not replace the counsel of a licensed attorney.

Informative Brochures and Guides
The library staff have prepared some information and helpful guides and handouts. Available online and upon request.

Library Fees

Copying Services:         $0.10 / page
Faxing Documents:        $1 / page
Microfiche Copies:         $0.25 / page
Computer Printing:         $0.05 /page
Computer Usage:           No Charge

The copier, printer, and fax are owned by William D. Block Memorial Law Library and proceeds go towards maintaining the machines, ink, and paper.

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Circulating Collection

Circulation of Materials
Only members of the Lake County Bar Association may check materials out of the Library. Bar members are also subject to the following restrictions:

  • Reserve materials do not circulate.
  • IICLE materials circulate overnight only.

Other materials may circulate for up to one week, but may be subject to recall by the library as necessary.

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Print Collection
The Law Library owns primary and secondary legal materials including Illinois case law and statutes, federal statutes, IICLE, U.S. Supreme Court cases, legal encyclopedias, digests, dictionaries, self-representation materials, legal form books, local law school journals, legal magazines and newspapers, and local and national newspapers and magazines. The Law Library also has extensive holdings in the following subject areas: Business, Criminal, Family, Insurance, Medical, Personal Injury, Employment, Real Estate, Estates, and Income Tax.

Our print materials are cataloged in our local Law Library Catalog.

Specific print resources include:

  • Atlantic 2d 
  • California 1st, 2d
  • New York Supplement 2d
  • Northeastern 1st, 2d
  • Northwestern 2d
  • Pacific 2d
  • Southeastern 2d
  • Southern 2d
  • Southwestern 2d
  • Supreme Court Reporter
  • U.S. Reports
  • U.S. Supreme Court Reports, L.Ed.
  • Federal 2d, 3d
  • Federal Supplement
  • Federal Rules Decisions
  • United States Court of Claims
  • Illinois Reports 1st, 2d
  • Illinois Appellate 1st, 2d, 3d
  • Illinois Attorney General Opinions
  • Illinois Court of Claims
  • Bankruptcy Reporter
  • Social Security Reporter
  • United States Tax Cases
  • United States Code - Annotated
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Illinois Compiled Statutes - Annotated
  • Wisconsin Statutes - Annotated

Law Journals and Reviews

  • Chicago-Kent Law Review
  • DePaul Law Review
  • Harvard Law Review
  • John Marshall Law Review
  • Loyola University-Chicago Law Review
  • Michigan Law Review
  • Northern Illinois Law Review
  • Northwestern University Law Review
  • Notre Dame Law Review
  • Southern Illinois Law Journal
  • University of Chicago Law Review
  • University of Illinois Law Review
  • Valparaiso Law Review
  • Yale Law Journal

Other Periodicals and Newspapers

  • Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
  • Chicago Lawyer
  • Crain’s Chicago Business
  • LCBA's “Docket”
  • Family Law Quarterly
  • Illinois Bar Journal
  • Judicature
  • Law Library Journal
  • National Law Journal
  • The Third Branch

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Digital Collection:

  • ARDC Compiled Professional Responsibility Decisions and Rules
  • Complete Shepard's
  • Lexis Primary National Law Library
  • Illinois Administrative Code
  • Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated
  • Illinois Case Law
  • Northeastern Reporter Citations
  • United States Code
  • Wisconsin Statutes
  • Microsoft Office Suite

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