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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2009
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Stategic Plan

In a customer-driven organization, mission, goals and strategies are set to meet the needs of the customers.  The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit considers both internal (stakeholders and justice partners) and external (citizens and clients) customers in delivering the best service possible.  Our goals translate the mission o f the court organization into specific, measurable and tangible terms.  The goals answer the detail where the court organization in Lake County, Illinois is heading.  Our goals set lofty targets for all divisions and levels of the court organization.

The development of our strategies to meet these needs and goals focus on what we, as an organization, need to do to achieve these goals, and ultimately to achieve public trust and confidence.  Strategy is “what” and “why” while programs, projects and services are the “how.”  Strategy is future oriented and serves as a game plan for getting from one point to another. Strategy is the approach our court organization takes to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision.

Typically most strategic plans end up on the shelf, safe from critical eyes and minds until the process is repeated again – usually in 3 -5 years.  Court leaders, managers, supervisors and staff go about their day-to-day jobs with little thought or attention given to the brilliant tome that makes up the strategic plan. The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit has taken a different approach with the recently concluded strategic plan.  The following graphic depicts the first stage of developing the “strategic” process used in developing the 2009 Strategic Plan of the Circuit Court of Lake County.

Strategic Plan

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