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Local Court Rules

The following rules are adopted as rules of practice of the
Circuit Court, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, State of Illinois.

PART 1.00
PART 2.00
Motions Notice
PART 3.00
Proceedings Before Trial
PART 4.00
Pre-Trial Conference
PART 5.00
PART 6.00
PART 7.00
Small Claims
PART 8.00
Real Estates Sales Pursuant To Judgment or Order
PART 9.00
Juvenile Proceedings
PART 10.00
Criminal Rules
PART 11.00
Family Law
PART 12.00
Enforcement of Child Support
PART 13.00
Contempt of Court
PART 14.00
Probate Proceedings
PART 15.00
Post Judgment Proceedings
PART 16.00
PART 17.00
Mandatory Arbitration Rules
PART 18.00
Electronic filing of Court Records
PART 19.00
Lake County Residential Real Estate
Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
PART 20.00
Civil Division Mediation Program
PART 21.00
PART 22.00
PART 23.00
Electronic Access to Court Records

List of Amended, Repealed and Additional Rules

Printer friendly version of the complete Local Rules

List of Standing Orders by Courtroom 

These rules are provided in an electronic form for your convenience only. This electronic version does not supersede the printed version. Converting printed materials to an electronic format can introduce errors. Please use the official printed version for any and all legal work. The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit accepts no liability for discrepancies between this version and the official printed version.

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Local Court Rules - Home
Local Court Rules: Part 1.00 - Organization
Local Court Rules: Part 2 - Motions Notice
Local Court Rules: Part 3 - Proceedings Before Trial
Local Court Rules: Part 4 - Pre-Trial Conference
Local Court Rules: Part 5 - Trials
Local Court Rules: Part 6 - Bonds-Sureties-Receivers
Local Court Rules: Part 7 - Small Claims
Local Court Rules: Part 8 - Real Estates Sales Pursuant To Judgment or Order
Local Court Rules: Part 9 - Juvenile Proceedings
Local Court Rules: Part 10 - Criminal Rules
Local Court Rules: Part 11 - Family Law
Local Court Rules: Part 12 - Enforcement of Child Support
Local Court Rules: Part 13 - Contempt of Court
Local Court Rules: Part 14 - Probate Proceedings
Local Court Rules: Part 15 - Post Judgment Proceedings
Local Court Rules: Part 16 - Adoption
Local Court Rules: Part 17 - Mandatory Arbitration Rules
Local Court Rules: Part 18 - Electronic filing of Court Records
Local Court Rules: Part 19 - Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
Local Court Rules: Part 20 - Civil Division Mediation Program
Local Court Rules: Part 21 - Miscellaneous
Local Court Rules: Part 22 - Forms
Local Court Rules: List of Changes, Amendments
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