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A. Upon the filing of a petition for the adoption of a minor, the court shall appoint a licensed attorney to serve as a guardian ad litem for the child sought to be adopted. In addition, the court shall appoint a licensed attorney to serve as a guardian ad litem for all named minors or defendants who are persons under legal disability.

The clerk shall mail a copy of the order appointing a guardian ad litem to the petitioners, or the petitioners’ attorney, and to the guardian(s) ad litem. Upon the filing of an appearance by any other party in the proceeding, petitioner shall mail a copy of said order to that party or his attorney.

B. In those cases in which the court appoints Juvenile Probation/Detention Services or another agency to investigate the circumstances of the adoption, the petitioner’s attorney shall have the duty of notifying the investigating agency of the appointment by the Court within five (5) days after the order appointing the agency is entered.

C. Petitioner’s attorney shall provide the following information to the agency appointed to conduct the investigation:

1. the baby’s sex;

2. baby’s time, date of birth, or due date;

3. place of birth;

4. names, addresses and ages of biological parents;

5. names and addresses of petitioners, and

6. case number.

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A. A minimum of twenty-four (24) hours before a hearing on the entry of an interim order, the investigating agency shall conduct a preliminary investigation and provide a written report to the court for its consideration on the issues of interim relief.

B. Charges for this service, as established by administrative order, will be billed to petitioners’ attorneys.

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A petitioner who is seeking to default any necessary party to an adoption proceeding based upon service by publication must file a supporting affidavit establishing factually the action taken that demonstrates honest and well directed efforts to ascertain the whereabouts of the person sought to be defaulted by such service, as well as an affidavit of military service.


The signature of a petitioner for the appointment of a confidential intermediary pursuant to 750 ILCS 50/18.3a shall be executed before a notary public.

If the petitioner for the appointment of a confidential intermediary cannot appear in court to present the petition, the petition must be accompanied by a motion requesting that the appearance of the petitioner be waived.

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