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About weather decisions:
Court Facility Closures Due to Weather Conditions
Note: The Courts close only on rare situations due to weather related conditions.

How do I find out that the courts are closed or closing due to weather conditions?

Court Facility closing announcements are made on:

In the event that court facilities are forced to close or delay their opening, please DO NOT CALL THE COURTS.  Listen to the radio and check television stations for announcements of weather related information.  The Court will make every attempt to announce weather related information prior to 7:00 a.m.

How about Delayed opening?

Courts may delay the starting of court, and all operations, including Court Calls. Appointments with Probation Officers will follow the regularly assigned times. Special events/programs and school field trips may be canceled as a result of delayed openings. Please contact your liaison for further information.

Access information on local TV and radio stations.

For early morning decisions, road inspection begins at 5 a.m. so that a decision can be forwarded to media in time for the 7:00 a.m. broadcasts. The decision will also be available online as soon as possible. In case of an early closing of facilities, all announcements will be made as soon as possible.

How is the decision made to close court facilities during bad weather?

Information about the weather is gathered from many sources, including The National Weather Service, Accu-Weather, the news media and by actual inspection of roads, facility driveways, and sidewalks throughout the county. Information from these various sources is factored into the decision.

The weather may be bad elsewhere in the county, but is fine where I live. Why aren't the nearby Court Facilities in our zone open?

Weather, unlike a power outage or water main break, is not confined to a single area and can spread to different parts of the county. Therefore, the most severe weather conditions within the county are used as the basis for the decision-making criteria. A uniform procedure to close all court facilities is maintained so that the Court system can respond quickly to emergency weather conditions and protect the safety and well being of the public and staff.

The decision to close the courts because of weather is always for the entire system. The Court Calls, prospective Jurors and Probation Officer appointments serve thousands of citizens every day, and 300 staff are required to make these procedures run smoothly. To close a district or zone would mean that any interested parties, for example, litigants, attorneys and witnesses who live in a more affected area might be unable to attend their court case and other court ordered appointments. This may create unequal access to the justice system. Courts must be accessible for all parties to be given the ability to participate in the court proceedings.

What about after hour and/or weekend activities?

After hour activity cancellations will be announced in the same manner as regular court closings.

Rescheduling Court Cases / Probation Officer Appointments missed due to "Announced Weather Closures"

When courts are closed due to an "announced weather closure" all scheduled court matters will automatically be continued to the next court business day; for example, if courts are closed on a Friday, these court matters will be continued to the following Monday.

For probationers, please call your Probation Officer and leave a voice mail stating your attempt to report.  Then contact your Probation Officer on the next business day for further instructions.

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