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Frequently Asked Questions
for the

Juvenile Probation/Detention Services

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our staff. Included are some tips that have been found. They are presented here as questions.

Where do I find out how many hours of Public or Community Service I have left?

    Contact the Juvenile Public Service Clerk at (847) 377-7800.

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What is the difference between Parole and Probation?

    PAROLE is assigned to individuals leaving a Federal or State Penitentiary (Prison or Department of Corrections.)

    PROBATION is court-supervised freedom, if a juvenile abides by certain pre-determined conditions established in a court hearing.

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Where do I pay my Traffic tickets and court-ordered fees?

    Tickets and fees can be paid through the Lake County Circuit Clerk of the Court, which has an office in the Depke Juvenile Court Complex. You can reach the Clerk’s office at (847) 377-7888 for more information.

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Where can I park while visiting the Juvenile Court?

    There is ample off-street parking in a spacious, well-lighted, paved parking lot in front of the Juvenile Court Complex. However, do not park in employee or RESERVED parking spaces, as violators will be towed away at owner’s expense.

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How do I contact the Juvenile Public Defender’s Office?

    If you are referred to the Juvenile Public Defender’s Office, you may contact them at (847) 377-7900 in the Depke Juvenile Court Complex.

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How do I contact the Juvenile States Attorney’s Office?

    You can contact the Juvenile States Attorney’s Office at (847) 377-7850 in the Depke Juvenile Court Complex.

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How do I contact the Juvenile Detention Center?

    The Detention Center telephone is answered 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. The number is (847) 377-7800.

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Where are the Juvenile Probation/Detention Services offices located?

    The offices are located in the Depke Juvenile Court Complex at 24647 North Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills, IL 60061. See Map.

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What hours are you open?

    Hulse Juvenile Detention Center is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The Juvenile Probation office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., or by appointment.

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My child is a Runaway and or Truant, can they go to Juvenile Court for this?

    Runaway and Truancy are considered status offenses. For children that are runaways, parents should contact the local police department and have the minor listed as a runaway or missing person so that if police come into contact with the minor, they can pick him/her up and bring them home. Juveniles cannot be referred to Juvenile Court exclusively for runaway.

    If the minor is truant from school, parents should contact their local school district for assistance. Project Pass, a local program that addresses chronic truancy, can be reached at 847.223.3400. The school district may make a referral to Juvenile Court if a minor is considered a chronic truant.

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I received a subpoena to come to court. What do I do now?

    You will have to attend the court hearing on the scheduled date. Your son/daughter will need an attorney to represent him/her. If you come to the initial court hearing without an attorney, one will be appointed to him/her for that hearing. If you cannot afford to hire a private attorney, you will have to fill out a financial affidavit at the court hearing. The Presiding Judge will inform you at that hearing whether you will have to hire a private attorney or if the Public Defender will be appointed to represent your child. You may still be obligated to pay all or part of the fees for the Public Defender

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What is a preliminary conference? Do I need a lawyer for a conference?

    A preliminary conference is held with the minor and his or her family in order to determine if diversion from the juvenile court process would be appropriate. You would meet with an Intake Officer for approximately one hour. Questions are asked concerning the minor and his/her family’s home situation, school, peers and drug and alcohol usage. After gathering the appropriate information, the Intake Officer may recommend a Probation Adjustment and may make referrals to agencies such as Family and Individual Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Counseling and Advocacy. If a Probation Adjustment is not appropriate the Intake Officer will recommend that a delinquent petition be filed in Juvenile Court.

    According to juvenile law, nothing said in a preliminary conference will be used against your child in court, there for, an attorney is not required for the Preliminary Conference. However, if a family prefers to obtain an attorney, they may bring one to the conference.

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How can the juvenile records be expunged or erased?

    In order to have records expunged a petition with this request should be filed with the court. This is a legal matter and it is recommended that an attorney be consulted if you wish to pursue this.

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How much do I have to pay if my child gets involved in the Court System?

    The cost of your child becoming involved in the court system depends on each individual case. The Judge determines what the family will be financially responsible for. A parent may be responsible for attorney fees, probation fees court costs, restitution, detention fees and other services, which may be ordered for your child or the family.

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Can I have a copy of the police report?

    Court Services does not provide families with copies of the police reports. Parents should consult an attorney for information contained in the police report.

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How do I get my child admitted to the Detention Center?

    Parents do not determine whether a juvenile should be detained in the Detention Center. Only Juvenile Court Judges and specified Intake Officers can determine this. A juvenile can only be considered for admission to the Detention Center if he/she has been charged with a delinquent (criminal) offense.

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How long does my child stay in the Detention Center?

    On an average, a child stays in the Detention center for 15 days however, each case is different and only the Juvenile Court Judge can determine when a juvenile is to be released.

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Do you offer tours of the Detention Center?

    Due to juvenile confidentiality laws and security concerns tours are not given to the general public.

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Do the kids in the Detention Center attend school? Do they attend in the community?

    Once a Judge determines that a minor will remain in the detention center, he/she will immediately attend school. Court Services has certified teachers that work in the Detention Center, therefore, juveniles do not leave the detention center for school. The school program is five days a week from 8:30am to 2:30pm and runs throughout the whole year.

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Can parents bring clothes and other items to the detention center?

    No. Court Services provides the minor’s with everything that he/she will need including clothing, shoes, sanitary and hygiene items. The minor will also not need any money. Juveniles in the Detention Center have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and nutritious snacks throughout the day.

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Can I bring my child to the Detention Center to scare him/her?

    Due to confidentiality laws you would not be allowed to do this. Furthermore, research has shown that scare tactics do not result in long term benefits.

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Can you recommend an attorney?

    We can not recommend specific attorneys, however, you would want to obtain an attorney that is familiar with juvenile law. Court Services provides the number to the Lake County Bar Association who could help you further in obtaining the services of an attorney. Lake County Bar Association - (847) 244-3143, Fax: (847) 244-8259.

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