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Frequently Asked Questions
Administrative Services

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our staff. Included are some tips that have been found. They are presented here as questions.

Budget and Finance Unit

Judicial Human Resources Unit

I would like to provide goods or services to one or more Court divisions. How do I learn about business opportunities with the Courts?

The Court purchases goods and services in accordance with the Lake County Purchasing Ordinance. Vendors can sign up to receive automatic notifications regarding specific commodities. Please see the Purchasing Division web site for more information: Click here

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How do I submit a bill to receive payment for goods or services provided to the Courts?

Please forward all invoices to the Court Administration Office, First Floor, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085.

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Lake County is supposed to pay for legal services that I have provided. How do I receive payment for legal services?

Administrative Order 09-39 provides detailed information about this process. In general, please forward a copy of the court order approving the request for fees and an invoice to the Court Administration Office, First Floor, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL 60085.

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How do I find a listing of jobs with the Courts?

All open vacancies are posted both on the Circuit’s website (Employment Opportunities) and through Lake County’s website under “Current Jobs”. The Lake County site allows for submission of a standardized application, your resume, and attachments.

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What are the general requirements for Court jobs?

For Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers along with Juvenile Counselors (Probation Officers working the juvenile secure detention center), applicants must have a four-year degree (BA, BS, BBS, BSW, etc.) from a recognized college or university prior to consideration, have completed an Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) Application, and be on the AOIC Certified list prior to hiring. Additionally, you must be a U.S. Citizen and live in the State of Illinois within three months of hiring.

For other Court positions, the minimum requirements will vary for education and experience but these positions do not require living in Illinois, being a U.S. Citizen, or being on the AOIC Certified list.

All applicants are required to pass an extensive employment and criminal history background check along with a driving history check if required to drive by the job description. A medical physical with a urinalysis style drug screening is required after a conditional offer of employment.

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How do I obtain an AOIC Application for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor?

    1. Visit
    2. Select the “Documents” tab in the menu bar.
    3. Select “Applications/Forms”.
    4. A menu of documents will be displayed.  Please select the “Probation/Court Services Employment/Promotion Application”.

The form is a fillable document so it can be completed online or printed and completed manually.  The instructions on how to submit it are included within the document.

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If I fill out the AOIC Application and send it with my transcript to Springfield, is that all I have to do to be considered?

If our Circuit has vacancies for Probation Officers and/or Juvenile Counselors, then you should also submit an application/resume with attachments through the Lake County Career Center website.

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How detailed do the application and resumes have to be?

For the Circuit, applications and resumes must be complete showing all jobs and educational background. Internships and periods of volunteering should also be included. All statements and answers to questions must be accurate. Applications for Probation Officer and/or Juvenile Counselor positions must include  a transcript showing the awarding of such degree and not just a diploma. Any material fact that is misstated or any other errors in the application/resume may disqualify the applicant or result in termination if discovered after hiring.

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In general, what is the process for filling a job vacancy?

After you have submitted a complete application and after the job advertisement has closed, then all the complete applications that meet the minimum requirements are provided to the Director of the Division with the vacancy. Normally the Director reviews the applications with one or more supervisors and establishes a short list of those to be interviewed. Sometimes the Directors or their supervisors may conduct phone interviews prior to face-to-face interviews. Most of the interviews in the Circuit are team interviews before two or more supervisors or senior employees and there may be multiple interviews. Once a recommendation is made to the Director for selecting an applicant, the background process starts (see Q5 above). If the Director finds the candidate acceptable, they will call to make an offer conditioned on the physical and drug screening, completion of the background checks, and if for Probation Officer or Juvenile Counselor—the AOIC Certification. The candidate will be asked to call the Judicial Human Resources Manager for further processing.

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What will be asked on an interview?

Questions will be asked to determine an applicant’s qualification for the selected position. These questions will be related to the applicable job description, the educational background, employment and criminal history background, and possibly other facts relevant to the job. Gaps in employment and education background will be explored.

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How is my starting salary determined? Benefits?

Lake County has a Position Classification Inventory established for all County positions and jobs that is tied to a salary grade table. Thus all positions have a grade tied to them that has a minimum starting salary for each grade. Every effort is made to hire at the minimum grade.  Education and/or experience may also be considered.

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Are there raises after hiring? Promotions?

Raises are determined by the Lake County Board through its annual budget process. Vacancies within the Circuit are generally advertised internally first.

The Circuit and County provide for promotions via a capability or proficiency program, depending on the position.

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