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Lake County Court Forms Online

- Sorted Alphabetically
- Sorted by Court Divisions

also view the Lake County Circuit Clerk's Court Forms web page 

Court Forms - Sorted by Court Division

NOTE: If you cannot find a form under a specific division, please check the Court Forms - Sorted Alphabetically page.  Many of the most commonly used forms are included in this section because they are used throughout the different divisions.
NOTE: Not all forms utilized in court are available here due to the nature and/or uses of the form.

     As a convenience to the public and members of the bar, we have made a number of the most requested forms available on this site.  We will continue to add additional forms and update them as necessary.  The forms on this site can be downloaded and printed on your printer.  If you use a laser printer, they will look virtually identical to the original copies available from the respective Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. 
     The Lake County forms and many other forms are available for viewing and copies are available in small supplies from the Lake County Circuit Clerk's Office at 18 North County Street (Washington Street entrance).  Call (847)377-3380 for availability and assistance.

     Please note that the Circuit Clerk’s Office is prohibited from giving any legal advice.

     Additionally, if you are interested in filing or representing yourself in court (Pro Se).
 Click here to check out our "
Center for Self Representation."

     Most of the forms on this web site are saved in Acrobat PDF (Fillable format) which enables you to complete the form online, print it locally using the free Adobe Reader product and bringing the completed form the Circuit Clerks office for filing.  This saves you having to locate a typewriter or hand writing the form. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save the document and information at this time unless you have an application capable of saving the Acrobat PDF documents. 

To Start:

1. Choose which Division's forms you would like to view.  Click on the title of the forms you need.  Your browser should launch Adobe Reader automatically and download a temporary copy the form onto your computer.  You will then be viewing the form using the Adobe Reader program.  You can use Adobe Reader to view, complete and print the documents,  just not save the data.  

2. When you are done viewing and printing the document, exit Adobe Reader to return to your web browser.

3.  You can launch Adobe Reader at any time without your web browser to view or print any PDF documents. You will need to download the forms onto your computer to be available later when not on this site. Remember to check back with this website to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the form in the future.

4.  When printing, if the page is cut off, choose the "fit the page" option from the print dialog box of Adobe Reader and reprint the form. 

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