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News from the Adult Probation Division



The Adult Probation division is responsible to the Court for investigating and supervising adult offenders and alleged offenders.  Written investigative reports are provided to the Court at the pretrial stage, sentencing stage, and during supervision. If an offender is sentenced to pretrial or probation supervision, the conditions imposed by the Court are monitored by probation officers and include office visits, home and work contacts, facilitation of treatment, urinalysis testing, public service work, and criminal record checks.  More about the individual functions of the division may be found here.





Adult Probation Highlights for 2012


Adult Probation participated and provided a variety of training for staff:


The Adult Probation Training Committee orchestrated the following training programs to Probation Officers

  • In service presentation regarding the Mary Pat Maddex Center about residential programming for women.
  • Training by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office regarding Sexually Violent and Sexually Dangerous Predator’s Act
  • Evidence Based Practices – Protective Factors
  • Set up free medical screening services for probationers by having the Rosalind Franklin University Community Care Connection Program be available at the Probation Department for three hours in September 2012.
  • In service presentation by Gateway Foundation regarding “Current Trends in Substance Abuse”.

Thirty-Two Adult and Juvenile Officers received 20 hours of training sponsored by the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center on “Survival Spanish for Probation Officers”.


Fourteen Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers attended a16 hours training conference by Project Safe Neighborhoods” Anti-Gang Summit”. Director of Adult Probation participated on the Administrative Office of the Illinois Court Advisory Committee regarding Probation Service Fees Policies and Guidelines.  Training was then provided to Adult Probation staff on the implementation policy and procedure regarding collection of out of county collection of probation service fees.


Adult Probation Officers participated in an Evidence Based Practices Booster Training on Case Planning.  In addition, new employees from both Adult and Juvenile Probation participated in 20 hours Evidence Based Practices training on Motivational Interviewing.


Adult Probation Officers participated in training by the Illinois State Police regarding updates on Offender Registration Laws.


An Adult Probation Officer and Therapist from the Psychological Services Division participated in a train the trainer program though SAMHSA’s Gain Center for “How Being Trauma Informed Improves Criminal Justice Responses”.  They will provide training to staff in 2013.


All Adult Probation Officers received recertification in the use of pepper spray. Adult Probation Officers received training by the Judiciary regarding the new comprehensive Sentencing Orders.


Adult Probation Officers in the Domestic Violence Unit participated in a Presentation by Rosalind Franklin University on their research project regarding “Treatment Outcomes for Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence”.  Three Pretrial Officers attended an 8 hour training on Detecting Danger sponsored by the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center in Iowa.  An Adult Probation Officer participated in the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management Fellows Program.

Adult Probation Officers provided the following community presentations:


Our Adult Motivational Interviewing Trainer provided community outreach training to the Lake County Interagency Council for their Pregnant and Parenting Teen Collaboration Group.  She also conducted  Motivational Interviewing to Focus House and Ogle County Probation in Rochelle IL


Two Adult Probation Officers conducted two workshops on Motivational Interviewing at the Fall Conference of the Illinois Probation and Court Services Association.


Two Adult Probation Officers presented on the court system and probation supervision to a criminal justice class of students at Harper College as well as to a group of high school students.


An Adult Probation Officer conducted two one-hour training sessions with the Zion Police Department on Effective Communication with a Motivational Interviewing Perspective.


An Adult Probation Officer conducted Interstate Compact Training on updated rules and regulations for out-of-state transfer cases to Adult Probation Officers.


An Adult Probation Officer presented on Probation as a career to local area high school students at the Lake County High School Technology Campus.


The Director and two Assistant Directors of Adult Probation presented on probation supervision to the Lake County Bar Association’s Annual Criminal Law seminar in Milwaukee, WI.


Division of Psychological Services Therapists provided an in service training to Adult Probation Officers on “Suicide – Risk, Recognition and Prevention”.


An Adult Assistant Director presented on the Veteran’s Treatment and Assistance Court at the Illinois Specialty Courts Conference in Decatur, IL. Adult Probation along with the College of Lake County and Lake/ McHenry Veterans and Family Services participated in Mental Health First Aid Training along with our Veteran Mentors for our Veteran’s Treatment and Assistance Court (V-TAC).


Adult Probation Division held their Second Annual Picnic with Police Appreciation Luncheon and honored the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division for their support.  The Division also recognized Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Waller to his collaboration and support.


The Adult Probation Field Service Unit conducted special community contacts with probationers in order to monitor compliance with special court ordered conditions.





Adult Probation Highlights for 2011


The Adult Division Pretrial unit received a National Association of Counties Award (NACo) for the Lake County Pretrial Risk Assessment and Case Classification.  The Lake County Pretrial Risk Assessment instrument was developed to determine risk level when an offender is before the Court for review of bond and for case classification of offenders placed on pretrial bond supervision.


The Division of Adult Probation Services - Presentence Investigation Unit collaborated with the Division Director, Assistant Director of the unit, the Director of Psychological Services, AOIC and the Judicial Research Analyst to make revisions to the PSI format in order to be consistent with evidence-based practices and the use of the Level of Service Inventory – Revised (LSI-R) assessment tool as practiced in other units within Adult Probation.


Directors from Administrative Services, Adult Probation Services and Psychological Services, with the Judicial Research Analyst, collaborated to develop a Research Activities Policy to assist external researchers and students requesting to conduct research in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court. A fillable request form is posted on the Court’s website. In 2011, three requests for research were processed: Illinois Mental Health Courts Study, Loyola University; Analysis of Personality Variables of Sex Offenders, Argosy University (Dissertation); and Treatment Outcomes for Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence, Rosalind Franklin University.


Adult Probation participated and provided a variety of training for staff:


The Adult Probation Training Committee set up training programs for probation staff.  In September 2011 Elder Abuse Training was conducted and in December 2011 an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing training was conducted by Community Youth Network for treatment for trauma victims. In addition internal training was conducted for Adult Probation staff regarding Community Based Correctional Center and Electronic Monitoring Overview, Computer Search for Probation and Parole Officers, Thinking for A Change 3.0 and Sentinel GPS training.  Also, the Adult Probation Sex Offender Unit provided training to staff and treatment providers regarding new legislation for sex offender supervision and registration. Adult Probation in conjunction with the College of Lake County, Veteran’s and Family Services of Lake and McHenry County and V-TAC Court are developing a peer mentor program and training programs for volunteer mentors for our court involved veterans. Our Group Reporting Program has conducted several training for new volunteers.


Adult Probation Officers provided the following community presentations:


Adult Probation Officers conducted two workshops at the American Probation and Parole Association Summer Conference in Chicago, IL.  The workshops include our Group Reporting Program and the Cognitive Outreach Groups.


Adult Probation officers conducted “Thinking for a Change” training to the Northern District of Illinois Courts:


The Adult Probation Director presented on the Cognitive Outreach Program (COG) to the Illinois Sentencing Advisory Council in Springfield, in May 2011.


The Adult Probation Director and Judicial Research Analyst presented Evidence Based Programming in Adult Probation to the Board of Directors for the Illinois Crime and Justice Authority in Chicago in July 2011.  The presentation included an overview of the Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG) and Group Reporting Project.


In August 2011 the Veteran’s Treatment and Assistance Court (V-TAC) was established as part of the 19th Judicial Circuit Court Program. The Assistant Director of Adult Probation subsequently participated in a workshop panel on Veteran’s Court at a conference sponsored by the Veteran Family Services of Lake and McHenry County in September 2011.  In addition, the Specialty Court team developed a new case planning process for Drug Court integrating the LSI-R, psychological assessments, bond reports and a substance abuse assessment tool.  The project was done in collaboration with Haymarket Center.


During 2011 several programs were updated:


Adult Probation developed an audit procedure for reviewing officer’s use of motivational interviewing and case management to align with Evidence Based Practices.  Supervisors sat in on intake interviews and office visits for officers in their unit and conducted reviews of the interview process.  Supervisor also developed a case checklist for review of intakes, ongoing case plans and supervision strategies. In addition the Field Service unit audit form was developed. The Adult Probation Administrative Sanctions Program was updated and under review for implementation and future training. Our urinalysis testing procedure has been updated and an admission of use form was developed.  Adult Probation staff are in the process of updating the Adult Division Procedural Manual with a projected completion date in 2012. All specialized units and program procedures are being updated as well. The Adult Probation Caseload Explorer Focus Group completed a full review of our case management system to align the program with day-to-day case supervision.  The focus group developed a Caseload Explorer user’s guide to be incorporated in the Adult Probation Division manual.


Staff are involved in workgroups and community councils:


Adult Probation and Psychological Service Staff are members of the Court Service workgroup for the Governor’s Taskforce on Health Care Reform. In addition, Adult Probation Staff participate in the Sex Offender Coordinating Council and are currently working with treatment providers and Court personnel to develop the “approved provider” list and sentencing guidelines.

Adult Probation’s Police Relations Committee held their first annual “Picnic with Probation” open house and invited the Chiefs of Police.  Presented an overview of probation to the Chiefs, provided lunch and presented an award to Sgt. Brian Mullen from Waukegan Police to recognize his collaborative work with probation. 





On March 15, 2010 Caseload Explorer was implemented at Adult Probation replacing our Prober Data System.  Caseload Explorer is not only a data system but is Adult Probation’s case management system.  A Caseload Explorer focus committee was developed to assist with providing consistent and timely training for officers.  The focus group provides a systematic approach to case management and information sharing as well as developing consistency in data entry.  Training in the implementation of Caseload Explorer has been an ongoing process throughout 2010.

In addition to Caseload Explorer our Pretrial Unit utilizes the ROVER Program (digital pen) to provided computerized bond reports for Courts and stores the reports electronically instead of having paper copies.

In April 2010, the 19th Judicial Circuit hosted the Illinois Probation and Court Services Association’s Spring Conference in Lincolnshire, Illinois.  The conference provides workshops and training sessions on various topics for probation officers throughout the state of Illinois. Many of our officers conducted workshops for this conference which included Group Reporting, Smaart Performance Measures and Sex offender programming. 

The Adult Probation Training Committee provided in service training to probation officers on the “Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs”.   In addition, Adult Probation certified trainers in Motivational Interviewing provided booster training to adult probation staff.  Each year updated training is conducted to improve evidence based practice techniques.  An Officer attended Motivational Interviewing (MINT Training). MINT training is an international training organization and trainers come from all over the world to attend this training.  This year training was in San Diego, California.  This training provided the officer expertise to train other individuals as trainers of Motivational Interviewing.

In September 2010, the 19th Judicial Circuit’s Therapeutic Intensive Monitoring Court, which consists of a Drug Court and Mental Health Court Program, was awarded a three year SAMHSA grant in order to enhance services for these problem-solving courts.  The grant allows for expansion of services for recovery support services, which supports substance abuse treatment, screening, case management and coordination for individuals. Haymarket Center, located in Chicago, IL., is providing recovery coach services to many of our TIM Court individuals who are in need of dual-diagnosis services.

In October 2010 Probation Officers and the  Lake County’s Cognitive Outreach Groups (COG) received Illinois Probation and Court Services Awards.   Jeff Ross – Principal Probation Officer was the recipient of the Robert E. Burdine Award.  Bob Geidner- Principal Probation Officer was the recipient of the William C. Albertson Award.  Deborah Norman – Principal Probation Officer was the recipient of the S. William Ettinger Service Award.  The Lake County Cognitive Outreach Program was the recipient of the Institute for Legal and Policy Studies Innovative Leadership Award.  The award is presented annually to the program in probation or detention that exemplifies innovation and leadership in offender program development with demonstrated evidence of effective outcomes.

On December 13, 2010 a Probation Officer in the Pretrial Unit participated in a national focus group sponsored by American Probation and Parole Association and the Pretrial Justice Institute in Washington D.C. to review the role of Probation and Pretrial Services.

Currently in Adult Probation, three research studies are being conducted.  Rosalind Franklin University is conducting a study regarding domestic violence offenders who have gone through the Lake County Probation system.  The study seeks to identify levels of recidivism in different classifications of offenders based on their completion of treatment.  Loyola University is conducting research regarding a comprehensive assessment of Mental Health Courts in Illinois as well as conduct a comparison of different types of Mental Health Court programming and operations.  In addition, Adult Probation is also conducting an outcome study of our “Moving On” Program for Women.  Moving On is a cognitive based program for high risk female offenders.

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News from the Adult Probation Division