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The division is comprised of a director who reports directly to the executive director as well as four full-time staff. Staff works in the Administrative Office at the main courthouse, 18 North County Street, Waukegan, IL. The Administrative Services division acts both independently and as a liaison with other Lake County offices and state agencies, including the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC).

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A Quick Look at the Administrative Services Division

The Division of Administrative Services provides a wide variety of services to a number of different customers. Some of our primary resource management services include: financial services, human resource management, purchasing services, grants and training management and risk management. These services are provided to the following customers: the judiciary, court management and employees, county and state agencies and offices, job applicants, general public and service/commodities vendors.

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Our Organization, Programs and Services

Budget and Finance
The division’s budget and finance responsibilities include the preparation and administration of the budget, purchasing coordination and accounts payable processing.

Preparation and administration of the budget consists of drafting internal budget guidelines, submitting the annual budget and related paperwork, monitoring the budget for county and state compliance, processing state reimbursements, preparing monthly financial status reports, and other related matters. 

Purchasing coordination includes contract development and renewals for psychological services, as well as purchase orders for equipment, furniture, and other products for each division. Division staff works with the Lake County Finance and Administrative Services Department to ensure procurement of the best quality products for the lowest possible prices.

Accounts Payable processes bills for all divisions of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. AP also includes employee expense reimbursements. Some directors, managers, and staff use p-cards to make purchases; all statements and receipts are turned in to the Administrative Services division for reconciliation within the county’s procurement card system.

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Grant Administration
The Administrative Services division oversees grant administration for the Lake County Circuit Court. Activities in this area include researching grant opportunities from the state, the federal government and private foundations. Staff then works with court divisions and community partners to prepare the grant applications. When new grants are received, the division brings the grant awards before the County Board, seeks the appropriation of the grant funding and processes the award paperwork. The division monitors the budgets of existing grant programs and prepares fiscal reports on either a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on the grant requirements.  Grant close-out documents are also processed by the division.

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Human Resources
The division’s human resources function is responsible for the coordination of all non-judicial personnel matters with the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) and the Human Resources Department of Lake County.

Staff is responsible for analyzing, developing, and recommending human resource policies for the Lake County Circuit Court. These human resource policies include personnel policies, recruiting procedures, and hiring practices. The staff works hand-in-hand with the Lake County Human Resources Department to coordinate employee health, dental, and life insurance benefits as well as promotions, retirements, and personnel terminations.  The staff also works with state offices to research and resolve personnel matters for state-paid employees. The division oversees the employee recognition, tenure, and career path promotion programs as well.

Payroll staff coordinates human resource activities related to compensation, reimbursement claims submitted to the AOIC and timekeeping and payroll administration for non-judicial employees.

The division works closely with the County to evaluate and plan for risk management, safety management and compliance with all federal and state employment laws. The office receives and processes all reports of personal or auto accidents and Workman's Compensation claims. It also coordinates with the State’s Attorney’s Civil Division and the Attorney General’s Office for “Open Courts” to ensure Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. 

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Training Administration
The Administrative Services division coordinates training among all court divisions and units through record-keeping of state-mandated, in-house, and other training events and programs. The division strives to increase the quality and quantity of training provided to employees while reducing costs to the Circuit. Both Juvenile and Adult Services have in-house training committees that are active in researching, directing, and providing internal and external training opportunities.
All new employees continue to participate in the TONE (Training and Orientation of New Employees) program developed to provide new employees with the resources they need to become trained, oriented, and motivated members of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit. TONE encompasses a series of orientation and training activities with mentoring and performance measurement components. The program provides a comprehensive and formalized approach to new employee training including orientation tours at court facilities that the new employee might not normally visit.

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