Court Appearances


1.    Where to go: When a case is filed, it is assigned to a Judge, sometimes, Judges switch courtrooms or Judges are assigned to another area of law. When you get to the courthouse you can ask Court Administration in what courtroom your case will be heard, or you can look at the television screens that are mounted to the walls near the entrances.  The screen will have a list of case names and the courtroom in which each is being heard.

2.    What to do when you arrive in the courtroom: When you arrive at the appointed court room approach the Clerk to check in.  This is the person sitting at the front of the courtroom next to the judge.  Tell the clerk your name and for what case you are there.  Ask the clerk to put the case in front of the Judge. After checking in you will sit down and wait for your case to be called.  While waiting for your case to be called, remain quiet and silence and put away all electronic devices.   When your case is called, approach the bench and plead your case to the Judge.