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  1. Collegiate Mock Trial

    A variety of spin-offs have come from mock trials. One of the most rewarding is the area-wide mock trial competition. These competitions are like single elimination basketball tournaments.

  2. Financial Expert List Application

    Financial Expert List Application

  3. Family Mediation

    The Family Mediation Programs in Lake County provide divorcing parents the opportunity to submit custody, visitation, and removal disputes to mediation before proceeding to a contested hearing before the court.

  4. Family Parenting

    The purpose of the Family Parenting Program (FPP) is to offer an educational experience to parents, with minor children, who have filed for dissolution of marriage, and to parents, with minor children, who are parties to post-judgment custody or visitation petitions.

  5. Girl-Wise Conference

    Read about the upcoming Girl-Wise Conference and find out how to register.

  6. High-School Mock Trial

    As part of our Judicial Speakers Bureau program, our judges regularly assist teachers in the classroom by judging mock trials, addressing career programs, assisting with oratorical contests, advising students and presenting "real life" trial examples as learning tools.

  7. Law Day

    Check out information for the upcoming Law Day and read about how to get involved.

  8. Law Merit Badge Seminar

    Scouts are invited to register for the Law Merit Badge Seminar to earn a merit badge.