Lake County Courthouse & Administration Building

18 North County Street
Waukegan, Illinois  60085-4359
Map (PDF) 
Entrances available from County Street, Martin Luther King Avenue (formally Utica Street), and Washington Street.

Parking is available in the City of Waukegan Parking Garage and City Lots D, E and F. There is limited street parking. There is also limited fee-based parking in the County of Lake Parking Garage.

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Phone: 847-377-3600
TDD/TTY: 847-360-2975

Main Courthouse Side

Floor Offices
Lower Level (Washington Street Entrance)
- Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office
- ATM Machine
Main Level (1st Floor)
- William D. Block Memorial Law Library (with Public Access Copies / Internet)
- Family Division Courtrooms (C-101, C-102, C-103, C-105, C-105A, C-107)
- Court Security Office
- 1st Floor Administration (Case Management & Jury Commission)
- Kids' Korner Children's Waiting Room
- Pay Phones / Public Access Copies
- Entrance to Annex Courtrooms (C-206, C-207, C-306, C-307C-406 and C-407)
Second Level (2nd Floor)
- Criminal Felony Division Courtrooms (C-201, C-202, C-204, C-205)
- 2nd Floor Court Administration
- Entrance to Washington Street Skyway to the Babcox Court Complex
Third Level (3rd Floor)
- Civil Law Division Courtrooms (C-301, C-302, C-303, C-304, C-305)
- Office of the Chief Judge
- 3rd Floor Court Administration
- Administrative Office of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit (Executive Director, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Judicial Information Systems, and Director of Judicial Operations)
Fourth Level (4th Floor)
- Misdemeanor/Traffic Division Courtrooms (C-401, C-402, C-403, C-404, C-405)
- 4th Floor Court Administration
- Court Compliance Office

County Administrative Tower

Floor Offices
Lower Level (Basement)
- Facility Operations (Parking Questions, Public Use Permits)
- Information Technology (IT  Operations, Service Desk)
- Mail and Delivery Services
- Training Room
Main Level (1st Floor)
- Lobby / Information Desk
- Court Schedules Monitors
- ATM Machine / Pay Phones
- Treasurer's Office
- County Clerk's Office
- Cafe and Community Room
Second Level (2nd Floor)
State's Attorney Office (Felony Prosecution, Drug Prosecution)
Third Level (3rd Floor)
State's Attorney Office (Administrative Offices)
Fourth Level (4th Floor)
- State's Attorney Office (Felony D.U.I., Misdemeanor and Traffic Prosecution)
Fifth Level
(5th Floor)
- State's Attorney Office (Civil, Child Support)
Sixth Level (6th Floor)
- Recorder of Deeds (Land Records, Military Service Records)
- Conference Center
Seventh Level (7th Floor)

- Board of Review
- Chief County Assessor's Office
- Human Resources
- Merit Commission

Eighth Level (8th Floor)
 Information and Technology (Administration, Applications, Project Management, and GIS)
Ninth Level (9th Floor)
- County Administrative Office (Communications, Lake County Television LCTV)
- Financial and Administrative Services (Budget, Construction, Controller, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing)
Tenth Level (10th Floor)
- Lake County Board Offices (Boardrooms, conference rooms, Assembly Room, Liquor Commission, Lake County Chair's Office)
- Courtroom CBR (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
Phone: 847-377-2000