Public Service Agencies

Finding Your Public Service Site
Visit the Resource Directory to search for public service sites for:
  • Adults
  • Juveniles
  • Juveniles and Adults over 17
  • Juveniles and Adults over 18
  • Adult Males
  • Adult Females
  • Juvenile Males
  • Juvenile Females
If you are designated as a Public Service site and do not find your location listed here,
please contact us via the applicable Public Service Office for you:
  • Adult Public Service: 847-377-4504
  • Juvenile Public Service: 847-377-7800
Court Supervised Public Service
If you are assigned to perform "court supervised" Public Service, you may not assign yourself, contact your Public Service Clerk for assignment.

Self Referrals
Self-referrals will not be credited to fulfill your court supervised public service requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions