Simplified Divorce

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This information is being provided to you along with the necessary forms for filing a Joint Simplified Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. This type of dissolution procedure is not available to everyone. There are limitations on, among other items, the length of the marriage, the amount of property owned and income of the parties. You should read this information carefully to see if this procedure is available to you. Below is general information on Dissolutions of Marriage and instructions for completing the forms.

Special Notes & Requirements
A Dissolution of Marriage (commonly referred to as a divorce) is a serious legal step which should not be taken without considerable thought. If you are considering such a proceeding, you should note the following:
  • It is in the best interests of each of the parties to consult attorneys regarding the dissolution of their marriage, and that the services of attorneys be obtained.
  • The parties should not rely exclusively on this information. It is intended only as a guide for self-representation.
  • Marriage counseling services are available in the community. The Circuit Clerk's Office can provide a list of the services available.
  • If the parties waive their rights to maintenance, neither party can in the future obtain maintenance from the other.
  • A Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage permanently adjudicates all financial rights arising out of your marriage, including the right to property in the name of one's spouse and maintenance or alimony. A judgment is final, and the parties waive their right to appeal, except that neither party is barred from instituting an action to set aside a final judgment for fraud, duress, accident, mistake, or other grounds at law or in equity.
  • The parties to the marriage remain married persons and cannot remarry until a judgment dissolving the marriage is entered.