Courtroom Assignments

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-303 Presiding Judge of Civil Division Thomas M. Schippers
C-301 Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures Margaret A. Marcouiller
C-302 Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures Luis A. Berrones
C-304 Civil Law Margaret J. Mullen
C-305  Civil Law Diane E. Winter
C-306 Annex Small Claims Theodore S. Potkonjak
C-307 Annex Small Claims/Forcible Entry/Tax Deeds Daniel L. Jasica
C-406 Annex Civil Backup Michael J. Fusz
C-407 Annex Civil Law Mitchell L. Hoffman
Park City B Probate/Arbitration Donna-Jo Vorderstrasse
County Board Room - CBR Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures  Michael Betar
 As Assigned Civil Backup David P. Brodsky

Family Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-305  Presiding Judge of the Family Division Diane E. Winter
C-101 Family/Divorce Raymond D. Collins
C-102 Family Backup D. Christopher Lombardo 
C-103 Family/Divorce Charles W. Smith
C-105 Family/Divorce Joseph V. Salvi 
C-105A Proveups/Child Support/Family Backup Nancy S. Waites
C-107 Family/Divorce Elizabeth M. Rochford
C-1 Juvenile Supervising Judge of Juvenile Court Valerie Boettle Ceckowski
C-2 Juvenile Juvenile Christopher B. Morozin

Felony Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-202 Presiding Judge of Felony Division Daniel B. Shanes
C-201 Felony James K. Booras
C-204 Felony Victoria A. Rossetti
C-205  Felony Mark L. Levitt
C-206 Annex Felony Patricia S. Fix
C-120 Babcox  Bond Court George Strickland
C-220 Babcox Specialty Court/Felony Backup Christopher R. Stride
C-221 Babcox  Felony Backup/Specialty Court Christen L. Bishop

Misdemeanor/Traffic Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-205  Presiding Judge of the Misdemeanor/Traffic Division Mark L. Levitt
C-150 Babcox Misdemeanor/Traffic/Felony Backup Charles D. Johnson
C-207 Annex Domestic Violence/Orders of Protection Veronica M. O'Malley
C-401 Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic James K. Simonian 
C-402  Felony/Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Jay W. Ukena
C-403  Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Brian P. Hughes
C-404  Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Helen S. Rozenberg
C-405 Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic John J. Scully
Mundelein Traffic - Mundelein Branch Court Janelle K. Christensen
North Traffic - North Branch Court (Round Lake Beach) Paul B. Novak
Park City A Traffic - Park City Branch Court Stacey L. Seneczko
Notes: This represents the basic Schedules and Assignments. These could change from time to time for numerous reasons. Contact the Court Administration Office for information on any variations from this document.