Courtroom Assignments

 Civil Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-303 Presiding Judge of Civil Division Thomas M. Schippers
Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures Luis A. Berrones
Civil Law Jorge L. Ortiz
Civil Law Diane E. Winter
C-306 Annex
Small Claims Stacey L. Seneczko
C-307 Annex
Small Claims/Forcible Entry/Tax Deeds Michael B. Betar
C-406 Annex
Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures Margaret A. Marcouiller
C-407 Annex
Civil Law Mitchell L. Hoffman
Park City B
Probate/Arbitration Donna-Jo Vorderstrasse
CBR 10th Floor
Mortgage Foreclosures (Thursday and Friday) Jacquelyn D. Melius
As Assigned Civil Backup David P. Brodsky
As Assigned Civil Backup Michael J. Fusz

Family Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
C-101 Family/Divorce Raymond D. Collins
C-102 Family/Divorce Backup
D. Christopher Lombardo
C-103 Presiding Judge of Family/Divorce Charles W. Smith
C-105 Family/Divorce Joseph V. Salvi
Elizabeth M. Rochford
C-301 Prove ups/ Child Support/Family Backup Stephen M. DeRue
As Assigned Family/Divorce Backup Janelle K. Christensen
C-1 Juvenile  Supervising Judge of Juvenile Court Valerie Boettle Ceckowski
C-2 Juvenile Juvenile Court Christopher B. Morozin

Felony Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
T-110 Tower Bond Court Paul B. Novak
T-510 Tower Felony Patricia S. Fix
T-610 Tower Felony James K. Booras
T-611 Tower Specialty Courts/Felony Backup Christopher R. Stride
T-612 Tower Presiding Judge of Felony Division Daniel B. Shanes
T-710 Tower Felony Victoria A. Rossetti
T-711 Tower Felony/Specialty Courts Backup Christen L. Bishop
T-712 Tower Felony Mark L. Levitt
T-812 Tower Bond Court George Strickland

Misdemeanor/Traffic Division

Room Case Type Judge Assigned
T-712 Tower  Presiding Judge of the Misdemeanor/Traffic Division Mark L. Levitt
C-401 Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Theodore S. Potkonjak
C-402  Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Veronica M. O'Malley
C-403  Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Charles D. Johnson
C-404  Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic Helen S. Rozenberg
C-405 Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic John J. Scully
T-511 Tower Domestic Violence/Orders of Protection Daniel L. Jasica
T-512 Tower Misdemeanor/DUI/Traffic James K. Simonian
Mundelein Traffic - Mundelein Branch Court Reginald C. Mathews
North Traffic - North Branch Court (Round Lake Beach) Jacquelyn D. Melius
Park City A Traffic - Park City Branch Court Ari P. Fisz
Notes: This represents the basic Schedules and Assignments. These could change from time to time for numerous reasons. Contact the Court Administration Office for information on any variations from this document.
Chancery/Mortgage Foreclosures