Psychological Services

In 1988, the Psychological Services Division was created following a Lake County Court Services Division study recommending that "an in-house unit be created to provide diagnostic and treatment services to the adult and juvenile courts." Psychological Services is a division of the Administrative Office of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit committed to make available the highest quality of diagnostic and treatment services to clients. 

Our Division is relatively unique as most counties in Illinois contract out for the services that we provide in-house to the Court. There are currently 16 dedicated employees who make up the Division of Psychological Services. Annually the Division averages 600 psychological evaluations for the Court and provides individual and group therapeutic services to hundreds of Adult and Juvenile probation clients and their families.

The Psychological Services Division provides a wide array of services to the Lake County Courts, Adult Probation Services, and Juvenile Probation Services including:


  • Psychological and Fitness evaluations for the courts and probation
  •  Individual and family therapy for juvenile probationers
  •  Individual therapy for adult probationers
  •  Anger management groups and assessments for adult and juvenile probationers
  •  Parenting groups for adult probationers and for the families of juvenile probationers.
  •  Specialized therapy groups, e.g. Women FIRST and Seeking Safety
  •  Psychotherapeutic clinical services for adolescent males in residential treatment and their families
  •  Jury Stress program
  •  Pre-doctoral Practicum Training Program   

Psychological Services works to educate probation staff on psychological, substance abuse and resource issues relevant to the rehabilitation of probationers. We also monitor and coordinate contractual services provided by community treatment agencies for individuals on Probation.